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Creative Challenges in the Journey

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

The creative process in this journey with a brilliant CEO like Andy has definitely had its ups and downs. One of the things that I have found extremely challenging as mom and COO, CMO and CFO is keeping up with the technology part of the business. That is why there has been approximately one year between my last blog and this one. Needless to say much has gone on in the past year. One of the joys that I have as Andy‘s mom is watching his dream come alive that he has held in his heart for so many years. Watching his chairs be transformed from a blue children’s rocking chair (with leftover Behr paint from my supply) in 2018 to deeply prophetic murals on large chairs that are selling for several hundreds of dollars. (With the AMAZING variety of colors from The Dixie Belle Paint Company for which Andy is a Brand Ambassador.)

Because not everyone has room for one of Andy's chairs and also the challenge of shipping them across the country, we began the expansion to canvas paintings at the end of 2019. I started out with purchasing some cheap canvases at Hobby Lobby but then realized in a very short amount of time that we needed to invest in higher quality canvases! Thank you Hobby Lobby for your 40% off!! Andy’s vision for his work has gone from galaxies to florals to the US flag and back again. His first paintings were galaxies and then once 2020 hit Andy’s vision was 20/20 in what he knew he wanted to paint!! He once said to me that he wanted to paint “The Eye of God” from the Eye of God nebula by NASA, because he wanted everyone to know that they are the APPLE OF GOD’S EYE and that He loves them!! I looked at him with wonder and said , “How in the world are we going to do THAT???” I literally shook in thinking that I had a part in this incredible piece and now we had to translate that onto a canvas with some of my mentoring and just letting him go with it!! He always shows me how he is growing as an artist while I sit and watch him with joy in my heart and sometimes I have to say, “Dude, you overworked that part!” He will look at me with frustration and comment, “Mom, I need help!” In a few minutes he has the reigns of confidence again in his work of art!! While he worked on this painting he would exclaim at the top of his voice, “ I love what I do!!!” To think that kind of joy is released into the canvas along with the paint, foil and sprays of water!!!

Some parts of the Eye of God we would tag-team because at this time in his life, parts of his vision and painting ability proved difficult but he wanted to make a point with what he saw, so I would grab the brush and paint (and literally shake) and question, “ Is this what you see???” I would paint until he confirmed I had done it right and he could now get back on... (his paintings have gone from 11x14 to 36x48....supersized growth).

I hope that when you gaze into The Eye of God that you can see what Andy wanted all viewers to see, that YOU are the apple of His Eye and that you are loved!

This giclee museum quality print can be ordered off of and also other items with this print can be found HERE on RedBubble!!

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